Florida Health Insurance

Florida Health Insurance

Florida Health Insurance

Since you’re shopping for florida health insurance plans, you have come to the right site!

We offer a KISS (Keep It Simple Silly) guide to compare the best combination of rates and benefits from florida health insurance companies.

Florida Individual Health Insurance

In Florida you can still find individual health insurance plans that provide both quality coverage and an affordable rate.

Florida Health Insurance
Florida Health Insurance

However, it’s not easy, in many areas such as Miami -Fort Lauderdale -West Palm Beach florida family health insurance plans are more expensive than areas such as Tampa or Fort Myers.

In florida health insurance carriers offer coverage to individuals and families and groups.

Individual health insurance in Florida is underwritten, which means that the coverage you will be offered at the day is complete based on your health history. While every company has similar guidelines, you will find each carrier has her niche and sweet spots.

Any individual florida health insurance policy that you purchase is sold on a month-to-month basis.

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Naturally you can keep any insurance policy as long as you pay your premium. this is what many people recur to as the major medical or long-term health insurance policy.

Then we have what is called florida short term health insurance.

It’s simply a health insurance policy is sold on a temporary basis, this is a great product for recent college graduates and those looking for instant coverage.

Florida temporary health insurance plans have about 24 hour turnaround time and you can even print your cards off online.

Florida Group Health Insurance

If you are a Florida self-employed business owner or need  florida health insurance benefits for your small or large business then pay attention to this next section.

We are going to make the Florida group health insurance market extremely simple.

One of the greatest benefits of providing health care benefits to your employees is that you can write off those premiums 100%.

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Even as a self-employed 1099s independent contractor you can still write off 100% of your health insurance premiums and if you have a health insurance policy that is HSA eligible thenyou can even write off your medical expenses!

Basic differences between Florida individual and group health insurance

The Florida insurance Commissioner sets the rules that every Florida health insurance company must abide by.

Small group is usually referred to as groups of less than 10 employees and large group is usually 50 or more eligible employees.

Florida group health insurance plans are guaranteed issue. Meaning you cannot be declined coverage behind because of any kind health issue, nor can they exclude coverage for condition if you have prior creditable coverage ( if you don’t have prior coverage there is usually a six to twelve month waiting period on any pre-existing conditions)

Also if you wanted maternity benefits, getting a  group health insurance plan for your business actually is a viable solution because the only individual carrier in Florida  that offers maternity benefits is Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

With most group plan maternity expenses are covered the same as any other illness.

It’s also quite common for large group health insurance plans to have an open enrollment.

So that’s where members can make a plan change once a year and during certain qualifying events such as marriage divorce adoption etc etc.

This is an important matter for employees to consider after weighing the options of an individual health insurance plan versus their group medical benefits offered to their employer.

A common situations upon their is when an employee at his spouse and children to their group health plan and are only able to drop them once a year.

Usually employers do not pay towards the cost of insurance for dependents, this can get quite expensive for the employee.

This is why it’s important to verify if your group health insurance plan has an open enrollment period.

if you’re contemplating starting up a group insurance plan for your business here are couple bullet points to keep in mind:

Florida health insurance groups require at least two eligible employees.

Most if not all Florida health insurance companies have water call participation requirements. It’s usually around 75%.

That means if you have 10 employees that are eligible to enroll in the plan you must have at least seven enroll or you will be declined coverage or possibly lose your existing coverage because of being below the participation requirement level.Group health insurance plans are not cheap.

These insurance products are guaranteed issue so your individual health history does not come in to play in the same way it does for an individual health insurance plan.

Florida Health Insurance
Florida Health Insurance

It more effects the cost for the entire group versus anyone individual employees. On average it runs $300-$500 for an employee and about 800-2000  a month for a family plan.

You might ask why so much when individual Florida health insurance plans are about one third of the cost of of Florida group health insurance policy.

The answer is it’s guaranteed issue. You could have cancer hard issues and take 5 min. a day but as long as you met the eligibility requirements for Florida group health insurance plan you would be covered.

Think of it like going to your local car dealership, and the finance manager gives you two options either they can run your credit in off the and offer you 2% interest or they did not even with your credit but you would have to pay 25 percentage asunder, while group health insurance is like pinged 25% interest on the used car.

If usually only good deal for those that are sick and in use of paramount medical services on a routine basis.

Florida group of one health insurance plans

A lot of sole proprietors in Florida work by themselves and of course have a difficult time qualifying for group health insurance plan without any another eligible employee.

So what the Florida insurance Commissioner has done is set up an annual open enrollment where Florida business owners can set up a group health insurance plan with just one eligible enrollee.

You must apply in the month of August for an October the first effective date. This is the only time of the year when you can set up a group of one in Florida.

The cost for a group of one in Florida starts at $700 a month approximately. You may find a few plans around 600 or even maybe 500 but these the are few and far between.

Usually a self-employed businessperson in Florida is is looking at a group of one usually due to a pre-existing condition issue.

Sometimes it works to where a client as a major heart issue or recent cancer treatmentand can’t qualify for an individual health insurance plan so they go with the group of one medical plan since it will cover them in any pre-existing conditions as on of they’ve had prior creditable coverage.

Florida Medicaid

The Florida Medicaid system is a type of Florida government health insurance plan that provides low income families and those with serious illnesses access to quality healthcare services.

One of the more popular Medicaid programs is Florida healthy kids. This is a Florida health insurance plan for children that is run the state of Florida.

Florida Health Insurance
Florida Health Insurance

It provides comprehensive health benefits for Florida children under age 19 and provide parents with health care for their children at extremely low rates.

In fact right now the only way to get an individual plan for a kid under 19 in Florida is to either purchase a short-term medical policy or apply for Florida healthy kids if it is a child cannot apply for a family health insurance plan with her parents.

Obama care pelting health care reform has made itself all children under age 19 or guaranteed issue and cannot be declined due to help history so response all major Florida health insurance carriers have decided not to offer individual policies to children under age 19 without apparent applying with them.

Pre-existing condition insurance plan Florida state health insurance

They to Obama care Florida residents can now get a guaranteed issue health insurance policy that will cover their pre-existing conditions from day one atom at a semi-affordable rate.

Couple eligibility requirements , one you must’ve been uninsured for the last six months, and you must’ve been declined for a health condition or have a health insurance policy issued but coverage was excluded for particular health issue.

Florida health insurance companies

Florida is home to some major health insurance competition. Blue Cross Blue Shield, United health One, Humana One ,CIGNA and Aetna –all offer individual and group health insurance plans to Florida residents year-round.

You will find that every Florida health insurance carrier has her own strength and weaknesses and niche markets.

Florida Health Insurance
Florida Health Insurance

For example, Blue Cross of Florida usually offers the lowest rates on HSA eligible plans and hospital surgical plans.

They also have the most comprehensive copay plans that cover lab x-rays and MRIs at a flat co-pay with their individual health insurance co-pay plans.

United health one has the decreasing deductible credit. This is where every year that you don’t meet your deductible they goes down 20% the following year until you’re 50% of your original deductible.

If you went with their $10,000 deductible take advantage of the superlow rates and and if you didn’t need that $10,000 deductible your first year, when you’re sitting here start on your plan your deductible would only be $8000.

United health one is currently the only company offers this benefit.

Humana one as a couple neat benefits that the offer. They have what’s called the fourth quarter deductible carryover credit.

the way this works is that this is an optional benefit that can be added to any Humana one individual health insurance plan except for HSA eligible plans. If you at this benefit and have any covered medical expenses that are subject to your deductible during the last quarter of the year October 1 to December 31 it will be credited towards the next years deductible.

This is really nice of Florida residents to shop for new individual health insurance plans every fourth-quarter, most Florida health insurance plans you the calendar year deductible and some folks are reticent about switching during the last quarter especially the closed meeting their deductible for the year.

This great benefit from Humana makes it easy for clients to save money other health insurance premiumsand lower their out-of-pocket costs for the next year.

CIGNA offers quality plans at a fair rate with the real estate underwriting. While there plan design isn’t anything unique and they don’t have any optional benefits except further new dental insurance plan available in Florida they are a good option especially if a client takes medications for anything at all.

Aetna. Well what can be said about Aetna. Nothing much really, they can’t really compete with United health Humana signator Blue Cross. Aetna doesn’t offer anything you can get a better price and potentially with better quality benefits from a Blue Cross or Humana plan.

Considering they recently pulled out of a couple states such as Indiana and Colorado you might want to single long and hard before entrusting Aetna to cover any potential future medical expenses you might incur.

Limited benefit plans

The most popular marketers of these types of plans are Aim health plans and Cinergy.

These are not actually health insurance, these plans aren’t even governed by the Department of Insurance, so if you have any problems with the plan you need to go to your state Atty. Gen. to get any assistance.

These are two-part plans.

First most of them include some kind of discount card through Multiplan or Beech Street PPO network.

So if you have one of these kind of plan and your Dr. is in the discounts or limited benefit network you’re supposed to get the discounted rate the doctor agreed charge for client of the discount card company.

The discount card portions of plan covers things such as doctors visits lab bloodwork and any hospital stays.

Basically what it does is give you a discount like a coupon where you say so much off your bill if you can pay your Dr. the balance of the point of service. Example, Dr. though is part of the discount card network and gives clients a 30% discount, if you normally charge hundred dollars for an office visit with a discount card a client potentially would only pay $70 for the visit just for illustration purposes.

And the second part of the plan, it was called an indemnity insurance reimbursement, this is simply a fixed amount such as $50 for an office visit or $500 a day per hospital admissions that is paid directly to the client.

As you can see this is not insurance in this sense that when most clients think of health insurance they think of a plan that will cover most of their major expenses.

That’s why they call this limited benefits or many Mets. while these plans have their place in a limited number of situations they are not an alternative to having major medical health insurance in place, but they could be better than nothing if someone cannot get short-term health insurance or even the government’s be CIP plant.

Florida health insurance broker

You’ll probably find that just like with shopping for Lawyer, doctor. even a plumber most Florida health insurance agents simply do not know what they are doing.

With health insurance agents compensation being cut by 50% by healthcare reform you must make sure you do your due diligence and find an agent who simply knows what he’s doing.

One of the most important facts about Florida health insurance agencies and insurance rates is that medical insurance premiums in the state of Florida are filed with the state insurance commissioner.

So it doesn’t matter if you speak to 20 agents,  the same plan with the same benefits you will get the same rate.

Many people still think they can save money by purchasing insurance directly from the carrier, however you would need to call every carrier, all for the major Florida health insurance companies and know which questions to ask.

As a broker with Aetna Blue Cross CIGNA and Humana and United health one it really doesn’t matter to me which carrier a client signs up with Aswan is the plan makes sense for that client.

Something to look out for–Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida has a deal where they want their agent to only offer them first.

So if you go to another website and syllabic quote report request form and then agent called you or e-mails you Blue Cross Blue Shield plans know that they are contractually obligated to recommend Blue Cross first and foremost, and then if you don’t take the Blue Cross policy or are declined then they could offer you another plan from some other carriers such as Humana CIGNA Aetna and United healthcare.

This arrangement certainly is not in the client’s best interest.

This is great if you know beyond the shadow of doubt that you want a Blue Cross plan, but if you’re like 90% of the folks on online looking for florida health insurance insurance quotes you looking for guidance and unbiased recommendations.

Here at Floridahealthinsurancenow.com, we take a look at every Florida health insurance carrier and make the best recommendation possible. If Blue Cross ends up being the best solution for a client we have a relationship with a sister agency who can write that business.

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