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Binance Application Trading If You Want To Earn Money Online By Doing Trading.English Article You Can Learn How You Can Earn Money Online From Binance Trading Platform Inside the finance app you can trade on spot trade future trade p2p trade margin trade futures trade takes place Where you earn money by train for time And spot trading is what you can make money at the same time.

What is Binance How to Earn Money

Friends, this is a website that trades about trillions of dollars daily. And it is a trusted platform. If you take a course, you will get a course for twenty five thousand rupees. I try to explain within the article and I will make you understand how you can make money with its help. There are many options for trading within it I will explain you three or four options what is futures trading. Is ?What is margin trading and how is it done? And what is spot trading and how is it done I will explain to you in separate paragraphs.Finally I must have understood you about P2P trading, Chat Fun is a website that tells you about online earning about cryptocurrency trading.

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Today In This Paragraph i’m gona Teach You How You Can Trade On Binance By Using These Four Steps
  • What is Binance Future Trade?
  • what is Margin Trade ?
  • what is Spot trading ?
  • what is Peer to peer Trading ?

Binance Future Trading

Ladies and gentlemen, future trading is what you play in the future time, meaning if I place a trade for the future time, then that is future trading. The trade played or placed in the future time is called future trading. Now, if I buy a currency just thinking that tomorrow it will become expensive and I will send it, that is what we call a futures trade.

Binance Spot Trading

This is one such trade There is nothing like futures that depends on a few seconds that we are trading today and we can profit in the future. There is money inside the wallet, according to the currency of your country, so you place an order to buy any currency that when this currency comes down by two rupees, then I will buy that amount of rupees. What happens when the amount you have to buy according to your currency, when that currency falls below two rupees, automatically the amount you have placed an order is filled, which is played with the help of On the Spot. You can make money, I’m going to walk you through below and tell you how to make money.

Margin Trade in Binance

Margin trading is a type of trading that allows you to make a profit. I will give, I will sell, I need to have that much margin, so if you have placed an order and you have so much money in your wallet or so much cryptocurrency, when it goes up and you start having margin, that’s it. By the time your currency is sold and you’ve become profitable, you’ve made a profit

Peer To Peer (P2P) Trading

There are types of P2P trading with the help of which you buy and sell in every currency like you are Pakistani or you are Indian or you live in any country of the world. So what will you do with your country’s currency? Then people trade with the same currency by buying from you or selling from you to you. For example, I have kept twenty thousand rupees in the bank to buy Pakistani crypto currency. What will I do? I will go to the section of P2P and buy USDT whose rate will be available in less money. I will click that I want USDT of twenty thousand Pakistani rupees. Then that person will message yes send money to my number I will release USDT to you. Then I will send money to his Account Then I’ll send him a screenshot, he’ll go to his bank and check and release the crypto, then I’ll send that same crypto to people with a little bit of upside and send it to someone else to buy and sell in the same way. It happens to take less money and sell it for more money. Obviously, then you will profit from this thing, so this is what we call P2P trading.

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